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Sold at Auction: Gustav Muss-Arnolt

Alias:Gustav Muss-Arnolt


Artist Gustav Muss-Arnolt is best known for his sporting paintings of domestic animals, especially hunting dogs and horses. He was born in Germany in 1858, and immigrated to the United States in 1890. Muss-Arnolt eventually settled in New York, where he was active for most of his career. Waterfowl, fox, and other game are also key subjects in Muss-Arnolt's wildlife paintings for sale.bArtist Gustav Muss-Arnolt's love of sporting dogs eventually led him to become a board member for the American Kennel Club from 1906 to 1909. Expert knowledge of sporting dogs is apparent in painter Gustav Muss-Arnolt's artwork, and he was often a judge at dog shows. Hunters, trappers, and outdoor sporting enthusiasts can find spectacular sporting paintings for sale online at Invaluable to complete their cabin or gallery.
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