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Artist Patrick Nagel, whose work captured the essence of 1980s Los Angeles, was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1945. His family moved to Orange County, California in his youth, and after serving in the military during Vietnam, Nagel returned to California to earn a degree in painting and graphic design. His proximity to the cultural epicenter of Los Angeles proved fruitful in his work as a freelance artist. Major studios like ABC, MGM, and Universal commissioned Patrick Nagel's prints for their marketing and advertisements.  

As an artist, Patrick Nagel used clean lines and bold background colors to depict powerful female subjects. His visual aesthetic combined the principles of Art Deco and Japanese woodblocking to create modern classics. Because of his widespread popularity, Patrick Nagel paintings for sale can be found worldwide. Find your own striking figural prints at Invaluable and enhance your interior decor.
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