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George Nakashima's furniture is well-known around the world round for its iconic design and exemplary craftsmanship. Born in 1905 in the Olympic Peninsula, a densely forested region of the United States, Nakashima graduated with a degree in architecture from Seattle's University of Washington before studying at France's prestigious Ecole Americaine des Beaux-Arts Fontainebleau.

Woodworker George Nakashima created simple but immaculately crafted pieces with only the best materials. Blending Japanese heritage with American style, George Nakashima's furniture captures modern artistry while keeping the essence of the trees alive. Nakashima was given various awards during his successful career, including a gold medal from the American Institute of Architects. George Nakashima's furniture prices are naturally high, given the quality of design and expertise; these are investment pieces that can be treasured forever. Pick centerpiece items from Invaluable's listings of other remarkable furniture for sale at auction.
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