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Sold at Auction: Tadashi Nakayama

Alias:Nakayama Tadashi


Artist Tadashi Nakayama was born in Niigata, Japan in 1927. Tadashi Nakayama's prints are nature-oriented, and his best-known artworks are woodblock prints depicting galloping horses. He also created prints of butterflies and girls, sometimes using up to 18 blocks to complete a piece.

Artist Tadashi Nakayama used metallic pigments, sometimes using 40 colors in one print, and many of the pieces went through 50 printing stages. Known as a master of woodblock prints, he taught at the Bath Academy of Arts from 1964 to 1965. Originals of Tadashi Nakayama's art for sale are rare, as, after 1981, he only made small editions of two or three prints a year. Browse Invaluable for intricate woodcut prints for sale online by other talented artists to find your next aesthetic treasure.
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