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Sold at Auction: Yoshitomo Nara

Alias:Nara Yoshitomo


Born in 1959, Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara is one of the top influencers in the Neo Pop movement, and his pieces are in high demand. Nara attended several prestigious art schools in Japan and Germany before becoming popular in the late 1990s for work that was featured in books and on CD jackets. Artist Yoshitomo Nara works through various mediums including printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, painting, and drawing. The most famous of illustrator Yoshitomo Nara's works are his portrayals of children and animals that look simultaneously innocent and devilish. The beautiful simplicity of Yoshitomo Nara's figural drawings for sale raises emotional questions of spirituality, isolation, and tension. A marriage of Eastern and Western cultures, Nara's striking images have been featured on postcards, toys, and clothing, and in museums around the world. Glimpse the evocative characters in contemporary figural drawings available online at Invaluable.
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