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Narrabri Nakamarra


Narrabri Nakamarra, born c.1950 in Haasts Bluff, and sadly passed away in June 2010. Narrabri was the daughter of 2008 Telstra Award winning artist Makinti Napanangka and sister-in-law of 2006 Telstra Award winner, Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri.

Narrabri started to paint in 1999. Her style was heavily influenced by that of her mother, particularly in the use of straight lines representing sand hills (Tali) and her exploration of themes associated with Lupulnga, the woman's ceremonial site that her mother is custodian of. However her work prior to her passing, she had definitely developed her own distinctive style. Central Art showcased her work in the exhibition 'Amazing Women of the Desert.

Central Art has removed the artist image in respect of her family and Aboriginal culture.

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