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Artist Art Brokerage: Artist Adriana Naveh. Naveh was born in Mendoza, Argentina, the land of sun and superb wine. She lives in Jerusalem with her two children. The city, a spiritual center for all religions and full of golden light, is the source of inspiration for my pieces, even if the city does not appear in them explicitly, its essence does. Her works, while representing everyday life scenes, carries an atmosphere of spiritual introspection. She works mainly with large palette knifes as not to get lost in unnecessary details. This allows her to concentrate her energies in large spaces with just a few, energetic and determined strokes of paint. This method enables her to follow her impulses, to paint with spontaneity but, at the same time, holding back, which helps the synthesis of the shapes.? ?Recently she began to work on aluminum with acrylic paint with several layers of lacquer. Working with this material forces different types of compositions, pushing her in the direction of colorful, abstract urban landscapes.
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