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British artist Govinder Nazran was most famous for his depictions of animals. Govinder Nazran’s paintings of animals often featured cats, dogs, and elephants. Born in 1964, Govinder Nazran was an artist trained at Bradford University as a graphic designer during the early 1980s. His subsequent jobs included being an illustrator of books and greeting cards before he branched off as a full-time artist.

He then partnered with English publisher Washington Green to create over 40 pieces of unique contemporary art, including his debut piece Cat Walk. He went on to create other well-received artwork, which encompassed both paintings and sculptures, including Big Blue, Blue Dog Cat & Rabbit, Beatrice Bucket, and Adversity. He tragically passed away in 2008, but art enthusiasts can find Govinder Nazran prints and other popular artist works of abstract animal paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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