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Sold at Auction: Leroy Neimann

Alias:LeRoy Neiman


LeRoy Nieman prints are among the most recognizable in the world. The brilliant colors, the energy that jumps off the page, and the subject matter distinguish his paintings, drawings, serigraphs, prints, and sculptures from those of any other artist. Another hallmark of LeRoy Nieman's paintings is that they are relatable to a vast swath of people, making him one of the world's most popular artists. He contributed many pieces to Playboy and other magazines, and introduced the Femlin, an idealized sprite. The success of LeRoy Nieman's prints allowed the artist to endow art centers and programs at various colleges.

Nieman's art caught a society at play, mostly by capturing its athletes and celebrities in action, a factor in making LeRoy Nieman's prints worth collecting. The bold elan of Nieman's work inspired a new generation of artists. See the vitality of life in contemporary sports, entertainment, and abstract prints for sale online.
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