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Artist Paul N. Norton was born in Iowa in 1909 and remained a resident of the Quad-Cities area for his entire life. He attended Moline High School, where he worked on both the school newspaper and yearbook. After graduating, he eventually made his way to an advertising agency in Davenport, where he served as Art Director. While working as an advertising artist, Paul N. Norton created the famous logos for Dairy Queen and Pella Windows, among others.

Paul N. Norton's paintings often featured the landscapes surrounding his Midwestern home, including watercolor paintings of farms, riverboats, and local architecture. Popular throughout the heartland, Paul N. Norton's prints are found in many homes and businesses, and his paintings have hung in both the Iowa governor's mansion and the White House. Increase the beauty of your home by buying some of the other splendid watercolor paintings on offer online at Invaluable.
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