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(born 1842; died 1929) French painter and sculptor. Primarily known for his Orientalist paintings, Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouy studied painting under Charles Gleyre in 1861, Emile Signol in 1863, and Jean-Leon Gérôme in 1864. Gérôme proved to have a lasting influence on Lecomte du Nouy, inspiring him to travel abroad and paint exotic subjects. Lecomte du Nouy began exhibiting at the Salon in 1863 and won a gold medal in 1866. In 1865 he traveled with fellow artist Felix Clement to Egypt but failed to receive much business. In 1872 he won the Second Prix de Rome, and in 1875 he took an extensive trip to Greece, Egypt and Turkey. Before returning to France, Lecomte du Nouy stayed on in Bucharest for another two years where he painted the Royal Family and frescoes for churches. Both a painter and sculptor, Lecomte du Nouy works ranged from a variety of subjects, including figural, classical and religious.
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