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Born in South Africa in 1964, artist Daniel Novela lived through both the Mozambican War of Independence and South Africa's apartheid, overcoming profound challenges to create his paintings. Novela was a passionate, self-taught artist by the age of 9, but did not receive formal art training until the age of 34 when he enrolled in a degree program at Vaal Technikon with the financial support of a dedicated patron.

Through his perseverance, Novela has created a unique brand of African Impressionism that captures the agricultural landscapes and sweeping horizons of his youth. As an artist, Novela's technical skill has evolved over time, but his subject matter remains unchanged. He continues to gain popularity worldwide by delicately evoking the expansiveness of the African countryside. Collectors admire Novela's artwork for its nuanced textures and depth, and you'll find them among other contemporary oil paintings for sale at online auction.
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