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Jacov Nowogroder was born in Poland in 1939 and immigrated to Israel in 1957. He began sketching on paper as a child, constanly working to cultivate his own style of drawing into oil paintings.His first works in oil was exibited in 1975, at the Rosenfeld Gallery in Tel-Aviv. Nowogroder`s paintings are featured in art galleries, museums and private collections in Israel and all over the world. At first his pictures look as though they are stories from a fairy-talr or children'd story. The color-scale Nowgroder uses is modeled after the nineteenth century`s neo-romantic era. The aforementioned style of the bending plants and colorful trees is accomplished by extremely soft precision-work in which masterful fingers have applied brush onto canvas. A native of Poland, as a child, Jacov Nowogroder wandering among the ruins of a terrible war for six years. In Nowogroder's works there are autobiographical elements and his sublime motifs, are the captivating coating of the tough experiences deep within his pysche.
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