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Sold at Auction: Nancy Nungurrayi

Alias:Nancy Tax Nungurrayi


Nancy Nungurrayi was born in the Pollock Hills area around 1935. As a small child she lived with her parents at Wala Wala, west of the Kiwirrkura Community. She lived in this area after she was married and when her husband passed away, she walked to Mt Liebig carrying her first child, Marlene Nampitjinpa.

Commencing painting for Papunya Tula artists in 1996, Nancy and her older sister, Naata Nungurrayi, with eight other women from Walunguru, took part in a collaborative painting, which was exhibited at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1999.

Nancy has a distinctive technique and uses the large 'U' shapes in her artwork to represent the body paint designs painted on womens' breasts when taking part in the womens ceremony.

Nancy passed away in 2009.
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