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American artist Wallace Nutting (b.1861) graduated from Harvard in 1887 and began his career as a congregational minister. When he was 43, his health went into decline and he was forced to quit as a minister. During a bicycle ride in 1899 he started taking photographs, and soon after he began traveling frequently to take photos of landscapes and wildlife across America. In 1904, he opened Wallace Nutting Art Prints in New York, relocating the business to Connecticut a year later.

Wallace Nutting original prints were hand-tinted photographs, some of which were recreated by one of over 200 colorists employed during peak production times. The business was moved one last time to Massachusetts in 1912, where Wallace Nutting's prints of landscape photography continued. He also began to reproduce antique furniture. Browse notable landscape photographs by other talented creators for sale online to add to your private collection.
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