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Sold at Auction: Boerge Nyrop

Alias:Børge Christoffer Nyrop
Figure painterPainterLandscape painter


Nyrop is a well regarded Danish impressionist landscape painter was born in January 15, 1881 in Copenhagen, son of manufacturer, Johan Ernst Nyrop. He studied at S. and G. Vermehren’s private school, graduated from Kunstakademiet (The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen).His oil paintings have a rich palette of coloring with mastery of observed light and confident brushwork. After his study at the Academy Fine Arts in Copenhagen he went to Paris to study under L. Simons. Then he traveled to Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. He was a prolific painter who exhibited at the Danish Royal Academy thirty-six times between 1907 and 1945. He painted mostly Danish countryside, but also made images in Brittany and Normandy in the 1911 era when he studied in Paris. Keen observation of sky, clouds, and terrain in varied weather mark his works. In 1907 he was the awarded the Soedring exposition medal and the Neuhausen medal in 1911. For more than thirty years he exhibited mostly landscapes at Charlottenborg, but also did display some portraits and images with labor motifs. He is best known for his sunlit farm scenes and naturalistic landscapes painted in the west coast at Jutland. A Nyrop painting at Sotheby’s. London in 1998 (Lot 235) “Paris in the Spring” sold for $31,701.
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