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Sold at Auction: Hernando Ruiz Ocampo

Alias:H.R. Ocampo


Poverty and suffering are often depicted by distorted shapes in Hernando Ruiz Ocampo's abstract paintings. These pieces of Hernando Ruiz Campo's artwork were created after WWII had left the artist's homeland in devastation. Ocampo's early paintings were often panned by viewers who didn't understand his need for escapism, but they introduced the Philippines to the Neo-Realist art movement.

Hernando Ruiz Ocampo paintings for sale offer bright yellows, purples, and greens that were present in traditional Filipino art during Ocampo's career. In the 50s, Hernando Ruiz Ocampo's abstract paintings took on a more positive outlook when he began painting domestic still life images, such as pottery, fruit, and fish. One of his largest projects was the painting of the Imelda Marcos Monument in the Philippines Cultural Center. Escape reality by viewing artists' mind-bending abstract paintings for sale through Invaluable.
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