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Sold at Auction: Toni Onley

Alias:Toni OnleyNorman Anthony Onley
Landscape painterCommercial artist


The Isle of Man was the birthplace of artist Toni Onley, but it was in Canada where he made his name as a water colorist. Born in 1928, he studied art as a young man, creating stage scenery for his actor father. After the death of his first wife, he moved to Mexico with his two daughters. Frustrated with his progress, he ripped apart several of his works and was compelled to arrange the torn pieces into collages. These abstract works earned artist Toni Onley critical acclaim.

Aided by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Onley traveled the Arctic Sea on a Coast Guard ship, producing water colors of the polar regions reflecting his grasp of light and space. Painter Toni Onley's landscapes for sale feature echoes of the abstract expressionism found in his earlier collages. Enjoy the subtle play of space and light found in unique, collectible vintage landscape paintings for sale and auction.
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