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Reinhold H. Palenske


Alias: Reinhold H. Palenske

Painter, Illustrator

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Born in 1884, visual artist Reinhold H. Palenske studied at the Art Institute of Chicago under Wellington Reynolds. While Reinhold H. Palenske paintings do exist, the artist was best-known for his mastery of the dry-point printmaking process. Dry-point is a delicate form of printmaking that includes using a sharp needle-like tool to etch images into copper plates. This painstaking process was used to create much of Reinhold H. Palenske's artwork.

Though Reinhold H. Palenske paintings are rare, there are several oil paintings of animals, both wild and domestic, owned by collectors or galleries. His original prints are equally rare because the dry-point process makes the print plates brittle after repeated use, so they are often printed as limited editions. Purchase your next depiction of creatures of nature by browsing online through majestic animal prints for sale at Invaluable.

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