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Sold at Auction: Vicente Paredes

Alias:Vicente García "de" Paredes
Historical-scenes painter


Artist Vincente Paredes was born in Spain in 1845, and remained there for his entire career. His bright, lively scenes of the Victorian era show his focus on natural light and almost romantic-impressionist style. Oil painter Vincente Paredes often painted social scenes and high society functions, though he did a few quaint country pieces.

Artist Vincente Paredes became one of Spain's most popular 18th century genre painters. A popular print of a Vincente Paredes figural painting for sale is entitled The Raconteur, shows a lively social event complete with elegant Victorian period dress for the women and powdered wigs on the men. Build your own gallery by browsing through figural, genre, landscape, and other Victorian oil paintings from Invaluable that speak to your aesthetic sensibilities.
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