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Vermont native Violet Parkhurst, born in 1921, is best known for her incredible seascapes. Her realistic, photo-like depictions of the sea were created using richly pigmented oil paints. Foamy waves, moonlit seas, and the sun shining off the water remain popular elements of Violet Parkhurst's prints. Though Violet Parkhurst's oil paintings are primarily seascapes, she also painted nudes early in her career. Violet Parkhurst's artwork has been well-received, and many heads of state and famous individuals have collected her art, including her biggest fan, Clark Gable. The play of light and shadow in Violet Parkhurst prints continue to draw the attention of nautical-themed art enthusiasts. In 2005, November 3rd became Violet Parkhurst Day in Los Angeles, a nod to her artistic contribution to the city. Drift off to places unknown by purchasing your own enchanting seascape painting online.
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