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Sold at Auction: Maxfield Parrish

Alias:Maxfield Parrish
Figure painterIllustratorPainterLandscape painterDecoration painter


American artist Maxfield Parrish was a twentieth century painter and illustrator. Born in Philadelphia in 1870, Parrish's early art education came from his father Stephen, also an artist, and was formalized at the Pennsylvania College of Arts. While the advent of mass-production, color printing meant steady work for many artists, Maxfield Parrish became a virtual household name in the 1920s. His illustrations and oil paintings flooded their way onto children's books, magazines, calendars, and greeting cards.

Maxfield Parrish paintings were known for their rich colors and ethereal quality, characteristics that carried over to the landscapes he focused on later in his career. Thanks to the volume of work he produced, Maxfield Parrish prints values can make them an affordable alternative to the rare original paintings. Collectors of vintage landscape and seascape prints can find a variety of artists online at Invaluable.
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