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(b 1870; d 1959)
Hugo Vilfred-Pedersen was a Danish artist.

Vilfred-Pedersen studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen between 1886-1892, and later studied under Henningsen at the School of Modeling.
Vilfred-Pedersen painted portraits, landscapes, figures and interiors in oils and watercolors.

Vilfred-Pedersen was a world traveler, having journeyed around the globe seven times. He spent many years in Asia – visiting China, India, Indonesia, Sumatra, and Japan, where he painted landscapes and people – including the Viceroy, Lord Curzon. Vilfred-Pedersen lived in India for a dozen years, and here he produced some of his finest works, that established his reputation as one of the leading painters in the British Indian colonies.
Vilfred-Pedersen exhibited internationally, including the United States.

Vilfred-Pedersen sketched ordinary people as well as sultans and court life.

In 1904, Vilfred-Pedersen published the book "Journey Through Dutch East-India", which is lavishly illustrated with eight color plates and a deluxe sketch-journal that the artist made during a five year journey through the Dutch East-Indies, Singapore and Malaysia.

Vilfred-Pedersen spent most of his life in Java and Sumatra.
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