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Artist Paul Peel was an accomplished Canadian-born painter who was known for his excellence in academic art and realism. As one of the first successful Canadian painters of his time, artist Paul Peel focused on nude figures, high society, rural landscapes, and genre art. Peel was a classically trained artist, studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts under Thomas Eakins before continuing his art education in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and Academie Julian.

Living from just 1860 to 1892, Peel’s success as an artist was short-lived, though his life and work are still celebrated today. Originals and replicas of Paul Peel's academic art are for sale worldwide, while many of his most celebrated works, like Daisies, Venetian Bather, The Young Botanist, Aurora, and Portrait of a Woman, are displayed in museums and galleries throughout Canada. Invite conversation from your guests by prominently displaying a uniquely Victorian academic oil painting from Invaluable.
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