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Born in Texas in 1943, Amado Maurilo Pena Jr. is of Mexican and Yaqui descent, and his heritage is a large source of inspiration for his artwork. Amado Maurilo Pena Jr.'s drawings and paintings represent Native Americans and their ties to the land. Pena studied art at Texas A & M and went on to teach art at high school and university levels. His artistic work earned him the designation of Artisan of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona.

Amado Maurilo Pena Jr.'s drawings and artwork present a variety of mediums to express the relationship between people and land, including pastels, watercolors, mixed media, and lithographs. You'll find plenty of Amado Maurilo Pena Jr.'s art for sale that incorporates notable places in the southwest United States, such as Spider Rock, Black Mesa, and Monument Valley. Search for your own heritage in unique portrait drawings for sale online and at auction.
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