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Steve Penley Art for Sale at Auction

b. 1964 -

Steve Penley is an artist whose work is easy to recognize thanks to its bold brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and iconic style. His muses came in the form of famous historical figures, complemented by art studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York and University of Georgia. Penley's career took off when a friend commissioned him to paint murals for a restaurant opening, which led to recognition for the artist's historical perspective and vivid use of color.

After artist Penley created a piece for a Coca-Cola executive of the company’s iconic glass bottle, he became the go-to painter for the company, and his work now graces the walls of Coca-Cola offices across the globe. Keeping an eye on Steve Penley price lists provides an idea of how popular his work is, and collectors can find Steve Penley acrylic art for sale as well as self-authored books and illustrations. Bring history to life with remarkable acrylic art from Invaluable.

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