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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1967, artist Fabian Perez uses his paintings to transport viewers to exotic worlds and lifestyles. He is known for his portrait paintings of beautiful and seductive women, portrayals of nightlife, and sultry depictions of the tango. Artist Fabian Perez's talent is natural, as he was never classically trained, though he leaned on his artistic mother and brothel-owning father for inspiration from an early age.

Since leaving Argentina, Fabian Perez has traveled to Japan, Italy, and Brazil, eventually settling down in Los Angeles early in the 21st century, and Fabian Perez's paintings and prints are influenced by these explorations. He was honored as an official artist of the 2012 Olympics in London alongside other high-profile artists, and was the official artist for the 10th annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2009. Study for Tango, Man in White Suit, and Saba at the Balcony are popular examples of Fabian Perez's artwork. Buy thought-provoking contemporary portrait paintings online and fill your home with character.
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