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Known primarily for his work in ceramics, Grayson Perry is a British artist whose pieces often incorporate an autobiographical slant featuring his alter ego, Claire. As an open transvestite, Perry rejects the ideas of rigid masculinity, an opinion chronicled in his book, The Descent of Man. In addition to his pottery, Grayson Perry creates prints that are colorful abstracts, many of them including fantastical maps or portraits from his Snapshots of Julie series.

Grayson Perry's artwork has led him to a secondary career as an author of several books and a frequent lecturer, both in person and on the BBC. His main medium, pottery, is often subversive and unexpected, as Grayson Perry's ceramics use traditional vessels and forms combined with complex techniques and adornments. Invaluable has many other unique ceramic and pottery pieces for sale, and a wide variety of styles can be found at auction.
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