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Philip R. Goodwin


Alias: Philip R. Goodwin

Painter, Illustrator

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Philip Russell Goodwin (1882-1935) was an American artist who painted hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure scenes. Philip Goodwin art consists largely of oils on canvas. Paintings by Philip R. Goodwin are often dramatic depictions of man versus animal and man versus the elements, set against soft, pastel landscapes.

Philip Goodwin art is known for its convincing portraits of subjects and their actions, painted with a Realist’s eye for accuracy, while the natural beauty of the background environment is painted with the eye of an Impressionist. Philip R. Goodwin prints were published in national publications, including Harper’s Monthly, Harper’s Weekly, and Scribner’s, as well as serving as ads for Winchester Arms. He also created book illustrations for Jack London’s Call of the Wild. You can find many remarkable wildlife paintings for sale online at Invaluable by other artists to match your niche interests.

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