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Sold at Auction: Pablo Picasso

Alias:Pablo-Ruiz Blasco PicassoPablo Ruiz y PicassoPablo Ruiz Picasso Picasso
PainterSculptorIllustratorEtcherFlower painter


One of the most revered artists, Pablo Picasso stands alone as a master painter, sculptor, and ceramicist. He is considered one of most influential artists of all time. Born in 1881, artist Pablo Picasso made a name for himself as a diverse artist who was constantly reinventing himself and pushing the boundaries of great artwork with his abstract designs.
He studied under his father before attending Barcelona's School of Fine Arts and eventually moving to Paris where he began to blossom. It was during his initial time in Paris that he experimented with surrealism and became one of the founders of cubism. The value of Pablo Picasso's artwork for sale varies considerably, with rare original Picasso paintings and etchings often reaching many thousands of dollars at auction.
With thousands of pieces created, Picasso was one of the world's most prolific artists. His greatest works includes Garson a la Pipe, Guernica, and The Old Guitarist. Enliven your living space with colorful, characterful, and rare paintings available for purchase at online auction.
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