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Sold at Auction: Emile Louis Picault

Alias:Émile Louis Picault


French artist Emile Picault was a celebrated orientalist sculptor in the late 1800s. Emile Picault's sculptures are made of bronze, and they portray the heroes of Egyptian, Greek, and French history and myth. Elaborately adorned statues of Egyptian heroes were the most popular of Emile Picault's artwork for sale.

Artist Emile Picault's sculptures were so frequently reproduced that originals were given a foundry mark and a hole was drilled beneath the seal to indicate they were genuine. His pieces were often inscribed with a Latin or French motto as well. He had enormous commercial success during his life, and his works were cast by major French firms Susse Freres and Houdebine. You can find artwork to accent your home by viewing other unique sculptures for sale online at Invaluable.
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