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Pollyanna Pickering is an artist known for her remarkable paintings of animals that she has observed in their natural habitats. Born in Yorkshire, she trained at Rotherham Art School and the London Central School of Art. While she followed her love of painting, she also pursued a passion for her subjects and ran a registered hospital for birds of prey from her home, while producing many of the originals of the highly collectible Pollyanna Pickering prints. She has served as patron for The Wildlife Art Society International, and in 2001, she established the Pollyanna Pickering Foundation to support conservation efforts around the world.

Featured on cards, prints, gifts, and even postage stamps, you can find prints from Pollyanna Pickering in a variety of formats. Galleries worldwide have displayed Pollyanna Pickering artwork for sale, and collectors of her work include David Bowie, John Hurt, and Princess Anne. Check out the spectacular modern animal prints available at Invaluable.
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