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Sold at Auction: Jacob Hendrik Pierneef

Alias:J. H. PierneefJacob Hendrik Pierneef
EtcherWood cutterPainterLithographer


Artist Jacob Hendrick Pierneef was deeply influenced by where he lived. Born in Pretoria, South Africa in 1886, he was moved to Holland by his Dutch parents, giving him exposure to the Old Masters during his early training. His subsequent return to South Africa offered Pierneef inspiration from the early indigenous San artists' rock drawings there. Jacob Hendrik Pierneef's paintings have a simple bold style. Other strong influences came from his travels through the arid landscapes of Namibia and other African countries. Additionally, his time in Europe resulted in Jacob Hendrik Pierneef's paintings, sketches, graphics, and linocuts exhibiting strong geometric qualities. Pierneef was a versatile artist, and Hendrik Pierneef prints for sale reflect the southern African landscapes and architecture that surrounded him. Appreciate the natural beauty of the planet through the many remarkable landscape paintings for sale at Invaluable.
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