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Artist John Piper, considered one of the most important British artists of the 20th century, was born in 1903. Because of his father's objections, he didn't pursue a career in art until his father's death in 1927. He gained recognition as an abstract artist in the mid-1930s, but abandoned the genre for naturalism, concentrating on landscapes and architecture. In World War II he was commissioned by the War Artists Advisory Committee to paint landscape paintings depicting the devastating effects of the war. John Piper's paintings evoke a sense of loss and remembrance.

A collection of 24 of John Piper's lithographs was published in 1964 under the title A Retrospect of Churches. An avid collaborator and versatile artist, John Piper diversified his talents after the war until his death in 1992, producing books, plays, and stage designs and costumes for theater and ballet. Broaden your horizons by choosing unique landscape paintings from online vendors at Invaluable.
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