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Sold at Auction: Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Alias:Giambattista PiraneseGiovanni Battista PiranèseGiambattista PiranesiGiov. Batt. Piranesi
copperplate engraverEtcher


Artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi was born in Mestre, Italy, in 1720. He moved to Rome when he was 20 years old to become a draftsman for the Venetian ambassador, and while he was there, he painted prisons and historical monuments. His works representing the historical architecture of Rome and Greece are the most famous of Giovanni Battista Piranesi's prints.

Artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi went to South Italy in his 50s, and did etchings and drawings of the ancient Greek monuments there. Realistic depictions of temples and ruins using one-point perspective, a technical skill he acquired while training with his uncle, were the subject of many Giovanni Battista Piranesi etchings. He is considered one of the main contributors to the Neoclassical movement, and his prints were still produced in large quantities after his death. You can find architectural prints for sale online at Invaluable to complete any interior design theme.
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