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Sold at Auction: Jackson Pollock

Alias:Jackson N. PollockPaul Jackson Pollock


Artist Jackson Pollock, one of the 20th century's most renowned artists, was born in 1912, and his early artistic influences were regionalist painter, Thomas Hart Benton, Diego Rivera, the Mexican muralist, and works of Surrealism. An exhibition of Pablo Picasso in 1939 led to Pollock experimenting with abstract art. In 1947, he began working in a new method of dripping and throwing enamel paint onto large canvases spread on the floor, and it was revolutionary. No.5, 1948, with its record sale of $140 million in 2006, is the Jackson Pollock painting valued the highest, though others are assessed in the millions.

The unique method of artist Jackson Pollock's work involves energy, gravity, velocity, and the medium's own properties with line and color standing alone without form. His work redefined art. Jackson Pollock's prints reveal the fluid energy of his work. View collectible abstract prints for sale and at auction at Invaluable and feel the excitement of finding a new and interesting piece of art.
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