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Sold at Auction: Margaret Preston

Alias:Margaret Rose MacphersonRose McPhersonMargaret Rose Preston
Landscape painterNaval painterStill life painter


Australian artist Margaret Preston began her career as a talented painter of academic-style still life work. In 1904, on a trip to Europe, she was introduced to avant-garde painting and began her artistic journey into color theory. In Paris, she studied Japanese and Chinese art, developing skills she would incorporate into some of her most important works. In 1919, artist Margaret Preston settled in Sydney.

During the next four decades, Margaret Preston's most famous artworks were created. Hailed as one of Australia's most treasured and respected artists, she championed a national art. Her modernist block prints of native fauna helped change the face of Australia's art scene. Margaret Preston's prints are noted for blending elements of color theory, Eastern images, and Aboriginal art. Collectors can find still life paintings online and at auction worldwide.
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