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Sold at Auction: Jean Louis Prévost

Alias:Jean Louis Prevost
Flower painterLandscape painter


Born in the latter part of the 18th century, French artist Jean Louis Prevost has remained among the prominent still life painters since his well-received exhibits at the Academie Royale and the Academy of Saint-Luc. Prevost was associated with Gerard van Spaendonck, a Dutch botanical painter of the same era whose influence can be seen in  Jean Louis Prevost's paintings of plants and flowers. Working mostly with watercolor and oil, Prevost painted with so much detail that his work has often been featured in botanical books circulating in the scientific community.

Some of Prevost's most famous pieces are contained in his Collection des Fleurs et des Fruits, published in 1805. The series of 48 plates featuring flowers and fruit is among the highest valued Jean Louis Prevost paintings and prints, and it was Prevost's hope that the collection would eventually inspire fabric and china patterns. Buyers interested in memorable still life paintings for sale online can find exactly what they're looking for at Invaluable.
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