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Pungkai was born around 1958 in Boddington, Western Australia. In 1980 he moved to live in 'wiltjas’ – traditional shelters – in the community of Nyapari in the north west of South Australia, close to the borders of the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Pungkai has worked and travelled throughout South Australia and for a time was working in Adelaide in the arts industry.

His work of synthetic polymer on canvas is of landscapes from an aerial perspective. He says in his artist statement that he loves “to paint aerial scenes of the country not only of my ancestral travel but also my own personal and professional travels throughout Australia.”
Pungkai is a member of the Ceduna Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Centre and it was through this organisation that he was able to participate in Adelaide Festival Centre’s 2008 'Our Mob’ exhibition. In 2007 he exhibited his work at the Burswood Casino in Western Australia. At the time of writing, Pungkai was also represented in Adelaide by the Marshall Art Gallery.

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