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Born in 1973, artist Ben Quilty is known for striking paintings in which he often portrays the darker side of his formative years as a young man in Australia. Quilty first studied at the Sydney College of the Arts, and was later invited to paint full time on a scholarship at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. It was in France that painter Ben Quilty began to focus on his teenage years, and images of alcohol, cars, fast food, and drugs began to permeate his works.

Artist Ben Quilty paints using an impasto style with very thick layers of paint, smeared so that each stroke of the palette knife is visible. As a result, Ben Quilty's contemporary paintings for sale are full of texture, vibrant colors, and evocative images of coming-of-age in Australia in the 1980s. Express your many sides by considering collectible contemporary paintings for sale at auction.
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