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      Jun. 23, 2010


      Est: $300 - $500

      Autograph Letter Signed ("W. Ramsay"), 1 1/2 pp recto and verso, 8vo, London, December 5, 1908, to Miss Taylor, on University of London stationery, horizontal folds and some pale spots. Small label of Rawlins Collection Historical Documents. With scientific content, discussing the color change effect on glass in the Andes, possibly due to the radioactivity of the soil.

      May. 14, 2009


      Est: $200 - $300

      WILLIAM RAMSAY (1852 - 1916) British chemist, investigated the molecular complexity of pure liquids, discovered the inert gases argon, krypton, neon, helium and xenon, proved uranium emits helium as it atomically disintegrates. Fine content, lengthy A.L.S. 4pp. 8vo., Inverary, Aug. 20, 1913, to a gentleman, in part: "...Zinc, though usually termed an 'element', must, according to the new term, be regarded as a compound of a 'zincion' (to which we may assign the symbol Zn) with 2 electrons. This is the Zn that exists, e.g., in ZnSO4 [?]. It is...insoluble in water; but when it parts with its 2 electrons, it becomes soluble. These electrons leave the metallic zinc plate of the battery, and run along the wire to the copper. The zinc plate is then left with a deficit of electrons but some is dissolved. Its electrons appear on the surface of the copper mass...Electricity is not to be regarded as 'positive & negative combined'; it consists wholly of 'negative', i.e. of electrical particles as electrons...". Much more. Hole at top margin with a bit of tearing thereon, else very good condition.

      Alexander Historical Auctions LLC
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