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Commercial artist


Known as a master silversmith and a pioneer of public relations and marketing in the artistic field, artist Omar Ramsden produced a significant body of work that remains highly desirable today. He was born in England in 1873, and his father owned a silver manufacturing and electroplating company. His famous partnership with Alwyn Carr, whom he met at the Sheffield School of Art, is among the most successful silversmithing collaborations in history. The duo’s initial work was the award-winning Mace for the City of Sheffield in 1898.

Artist Omar Ramsden and Carr handcrafted silverware together until the end of World War I. Ramsden continued to craft silver afterward, revolutionizing the field by branding his name on several pieces, something that was uncommon at the time. Since his death in 1939, Ramsden has been recognized as one of England’s greatest silversmiths. You can find Omar Ramsden's decorative art and silverware for sale and on display at galleries and museums across the globe. Buy vintage silverware and vertu for sale at Invaluable to bring classic style to your collection.
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