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Artist Ernest Rancoulet (1870-1915) was a French sculptor known for his bronze allegorical, mythological, and figurative statuettes and portrait busts. One of his most well-known works is Hercules, Athena and Cerbere, depicting the twelfth labor of Hercules as he captures the three-headed dog guarding the underworld.

Ernest Rancoulet's sculptures were in pure classical styling, yet they captured elements of Art Nouveau with their delineation of motion and movement, particularly of the female form. Ernest Rancoulet's statues are highly prized for their realism, grace, and intricate detailing.

Artist Ernest Rancoulet largely produced his sculptures in limited editions. Some were created as pairs, showing figures of dancers, heralds, or even gardeners; each couple depicted the same person but as viewed from a different angle. View other graceful sculptures offered for sale at auction at Invaluable to display in your collection.
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