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Russian artist Konstantin Razumov (b.1974) studied under Illya Glazunov at the Academy of Arts in Moscow. Konstantin Razumov's paintings focus on the female form adorned in extravagant clothing and generally with some floral accent in their hair or surroundings. The figures are painted in realistic detail, while the surroundings are more Impressionistic in style but maintain a modern feel.

Artist Konstantin Razumov's preferred medium is oil, and he uses soft pastel colors in many of his pieces, with bright, rich pops of color in clothing or flowers. Expressive, bright-eyed portraits of young women are the most popular Konstantin Razumov artworks for sale, but he also paints nudes and landscapes as well. View and purchase further outstanding portrait paintings for sale online at Invaluable to make an impact on your art-loving friends.
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