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Sold at Auction: Pierre Joseph Redouté

Alias: le Raphaël des roses"Le" Raphaël des fleursPierre Joseph RedoutéPierre-Joseph Redouté
Altarpiece painterFlower painterLithographer


Artist Pierre Joseph Redounte was born in 1759 to a Flemish family known for creating decorative paintings, and he made a name for himself with his skills of bringing flowers to life on canvas. His painting focus was on natural subjects, and at the age of 16, assisted in the decoration of the Karlsburg. In 1782, he spent time in Paris, where his natural talent came to the attention of botanist Charles Louis L'Heritier. He taught Redoute the skill of dissection and granted him access to his botany library and collection of plants. As a leader in the area of botanical paintings, artist Pierre Joesph Redoute created works for the likes of Marie-Antoinette and Empress Josephine Bonaparte. Throughout his entire career he created over 2,100 different paintings, with the most famous Pierre Joseph Redoute art prints for sale found in his books Les Liliacees and Les Roses. Build up a collection of accurate plant representations with the manyfascinating botanical prints for sale online.
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