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Artist Richard Stone Reeves was raised in Garden City, NJ, in the 1920s, not far from Belmont Park, the last leg of the Triple Crown horse races. His love of the majestic thoroughbreds coupled with a degree in Fine Arts set the stage for his long career painting horses. His portrait of Armed, the 1947 Horse of the Year, was published in Life magazine, and subsequently Reeves received numerous commissions. There are more commissioned Richard Stone Reeves paintings of international champion horses than those produced by any other artist in history. Considered the greatest painter of horses in the 20th century, artist Richard Stone Reeves is revered by the owners and breeders of the topmost race horses in the world, many of them owners of Reeves horse portraits. Multiple Reeves paintings hang in the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. View many artists' amazing portraits of domestic and wild animals online at Invaluable.
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