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Sold at Auction: Bill Reid

Alias:William Ronald Reid
Sculptor / Carver


Artist Bill Reid (1920-1998) was a Canadian with a spiritual connection to the mythology and expressions of the Haida nation of the Pacific Northwest. His Haida mother influenced Bill's creative imagination. Dancing colors and animal images exude color, energy, and respect for nature. Art collectors enjoy Bill Reid's art for sale, which includes indigenous subjects such as the Haida Beaver, Haida Grizzly, and the Children of the Raven

Bill Reid's prints, silkscreen images, engravings, embossed papers, and sculptures were instrumental in helping build bridges between Native Canadian communities and the rest of the world. Artist Bill Reid was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of British Columbia and a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Canadian Native Arts Foundation, among other honors. Find other vibrant silkscreen prints for sale online at Invaluable to add to your cultural-themed collection.
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