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Sold at Auction: Gary Reid-Wilson

Alias:Gary Wilson-Reid


Gary was born in Swan Hill in Victoria, but was soon adopted out into a non indigenous family in South Australia. His new family did not attempt to hide the fact that he was of Aboriginal descent, in fact they made him very much aware of his heritage. He has a very good relationship with his adoptive parents. It was when Gary was in his early twenties that he chose to find his birth parents if possible, and then took on the name of 'Muntu Mai" He attached himself with family members, and made his home in Central Australia. He is related to the famous artist Barbara Reid, and Gary sat and watched the Petyarre systers Gloria, Jeannie, and Kathleen whilst they painted their dreamings. His painting came naturally from within, and before long Gary was earning his living through his artwork. His works can be seen on many of the Todd Mall Buildings - the Standly Chasm Caravan Park, the Salvation Army Hall in Alice Springs, the Melanka Back Packer Hotel, and many more. His natural ability to paint has already been recognised by a number of Galleries in the Northern Territory, Melbourne, and Sydney. In 2008 he won an Indigenous Arts Competition in South Australia with one of his works. This can only lift his profile even higher. During the Commonwealth Games in 2006 he was invited to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth during her visit to Melbourne. Gary paints Bush Medicine Leaf Dreaming, Water Dreaming, Wati Ngintaka Dreaming, and Opal Dreaming. He has also tried his hand at a number of landscapes. Gary Redi is an emerging indigenous artist, on the verge of bigger and better things. He is always trying to improve, to achieve a new style, and gain recognition for his work. Gary lives with his wife Lilly Campbell in Alice Springs.
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