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Sold at Auction: Emile Renouf

Alias:Émile Renouf
Landscape painterNaval painterGenre PainterEtcher


Artist Emile Renouf was a painter who bridged French realism with Impressionism in the late 1800s. His oils on canvas included portraits and depictions of working-class men, painted in French Realism style, and landscapes that adopted a more Impressionist quality. Emile Renouf's paintings are best-known for their depictions of men and their small boats, either going to or at sea. The most highly prized Emile Renouf print is The Helping Hand, depicting a young girl with her fingertips resting on top of a rowboat oar being wielded by a crusty fisherman who is looking lovingly at his assistant.

Artist Emile Renouf's work from his short 49-year life hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Musee des beaux-arts de Quimper, including his ethereal Impressionistic landscapes where water and land meet. A variety of other classic landscape paintings for sale at Invaluable also have this same appeal and quality.
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