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Sold at Auction: Reverend Song Nian

Alias:Reverend Song NianReverend Nian Song


The Reverend Song Nian (1911 – 1997), a native of Jiangsu province, China, became a monk and was ordained at the age of 22. He moved to Singapore in the 1960s and became the abbot of Phou Tai Kok Temple (now the Mahabodhi Monastery, in Upper Bukit Timah, Singapore) in 1964.

Along with his Buddhist practice, Abbot Song Nian pursued calligraphy, painting, and seal carving. His works span many styles, from calligraphy executed in archaic seal scripts to wildly cursive writings. Several have been donated to the national collection, and he frequently donated his works to raise funds for charity. His calligraphy has been presented as gifts to foreign dignitaries, including Emperor Hirohito of Japan.

Organised in commemoration of the master’s 15th death anniversary, this exhibition showcases his rich body of work, in celebration of his artistic individuality and generosity.
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